“The extensive knowledge EPS brings to the table makes NCH function better which is seen in the operations and revenue flow enhancements gleaned since you began working with our organization.” Brian M. CEO

EDI Transactions Services

 A True Partner in Claims Processing

Our business is built around positive client and industry relationships, not just the transactions themselves.

Claims processing is at the core of what we do, because it is the most important aspect of your practice management needs.

Our principles have decades of experience in the industry and are well prepared to navigate the changing standards and legislative regulations on your behalf. Our EDI transaction services are much more than an information tunnel, we act as a liaison for our clients to the insurance payers and complete the communication loop.

We build positive relationships with payers, and our list of directs is growing rapidly. One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to work efficiently with insurance companies and their (often complex) submission guidelines. We also keep abreast of the ever-changing legislation and industry standards, and keep our clients informed of changes that affect their daily business.

We process the following transaction types:

Popular Products

Claim Processing & Management

Includes online claim management software, claim processing, and transmission.

For Greater Accuracy and Enhanced Revenue

Claim editor or “claim scrubber” software is rapidly becoming an industry-standard feature of medical billing software. But only our claim editing application verifies both professional and institutional claims from the payer’s perspective using the industry’s most comprehensive medical necessity database.

True Real-Time Eligibility from over 400 payers.

Check eligibility before the patient arrives in an easy to read format so that you can collect accurate co-pay at point-of-service.

Give Your Revenue-Capture a Boost

This is a very specialized program that leverages eProvider Solutions’ expertise in claims processing to the full advantage of our clients. The exact process is tailored to each specific clients needs, but in general we take a 4-step approach.

Effortlessly Transporting Your Claims to the Past or Present

This is a feature-rich, extremely versatile claim converter. Upload your electronic claim files to DataPort and it will return a file with your claims in the 5010 format. You can also choose to have the claims converted to the 4010 format.

Economy Claims Processing

Includes web-based access, full claim tracking, and reporting. eDirect provides you with a feature rich claim submission solution. This is a stand-alone product that is a replacement option for those using traditional clearinghouse services today.