“Things are going so much more smoothly than I would have ever imagined. A big kudos to you and everyone else that is so prompt at helping us with things.” Holly H.

Data Port

Effortlessly Transporting Your Claims to the Past or Present

How it Works

DataPort is a simple, cost effective stop gap. We work with you to map your current electronic claim format into the Version 5010. We provide detailed documentation of how we perform the conversion process. This is invaluable if you are ever involved in a HIPAA compliance audit. You would give this document to the compliance officer and he may even smile at you.

This is a feature-rich, extremely versatile claim converter. Upload your electronic claim files to DataPort and it will return a file with your claims in the 5010 format. You can also choose to have the claims converted to the 4010 format.

Key Features

  • Accepts print image formats from over 1000 practice management systems
  • Converts to the HIPAA X12 standard
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable price
  • Detailed compliance documentation provided for your records

Conversion Options

  • Convert from Print Image to 4010
  • Convert from Print Image to 5010
  • Convert from 4010 to 5010
  • Convert from 5010 to 4010


The service fee is a low monthly fee of $49.95 per month. Included in the monthly fee is unlimited file conversions. A one-time setup fee is required to configure the service for you.

There are no hidden or annual costs or minimum contract periods.